MAGRITTE - La Trahison des Images
MATISSE - La Tristesse du roi
DALI - Neptune
BRAQUE - Phoenix
MAGRITTE - Le Fils de l'Homme
DALI - Don Quichotte

Since 2002, our family-owned and managed company has acquired, published and printed lithographs by the major master artists of the 20th Century, under the supervision and with the agreement of either the artist or the artist’s estate. 

Editions from other publishers and printers have also been added to our collection to create a unique set: Henri MATISSERené MAGRITTEand also Salvador DALI and Georges BRAQUEpublished by Armand & Georges ISRAEL and of whom we are the successors. 

MAGRITTE - II - 1 - Le fils de l'homme.j
MATISSE - Nus - 7 - Nu aux oranges.jpg
SAINT-EXUPERY - Portfolio 2 - 4 - Le Pet
SPAHN - 15 - Napoleon.jpg

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