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SALVADOR DALI - Lithographs

"Les Chevaux de Dali" (The Horses of Dali) - 1983
Salvador Dali - Chevalier Romain
Salvador Dali "Chevalier Romain - 1983"
Dali's signature

Worldwide Exclusivity:

Our company is the exclusive successor of the publishers of the series of 18 lithographs « Les Chevaux de Dali - 1983 » (The Horses of Dali).

Limited Edition:

Printed and published in 1983.

Edition of 4980.

A French creation:

100% hand-made in France, from the production of the paper in Arches in the Vosges department, to the traditional lithographic printing process, one drawing for each different color, one color per press run.

Each lithograph was printed at Claude Jobin’s workshop in Paris, dimensions 56,5 cm x 36,5 cm.

Supervised edition:

Each lithograph was authorized, supervised and validated by Salvador Dali and by the SPADEM, the copyright protection and collection society formed by visual artists and their heirs in France.

Certified edition:

Each lithograph features the copyright from the SPADEM and has an embossed seal stamped by the publishers Armand & Georges Israel.

Embossed seal stamped by the publishers Armand & Georges Israel.
Copyright SPADEM


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